Sunday, October 11, 2009

Auto License Plates With RFID: Sport-bike Outlaws Cited as National Cause

In one of the strangest, most reaching arguments for promoting RFID contractors, the RFID Journal has printed the argument that speeders riding sports motorcycles across the US are such a menace to society that we all must now broadcast an ID number from our license plates, from 30 feet away, to anyone who wants to read it.

Believe it or not, the article actually makes the case that if the speeding sport bikers across the US only had RFID chips in the license plates, which they routinely remove or "flip" to hide, then the stalwart police would not have to give high speed and winged persuit. The image is one of the officer in his crisp uniform, slowly shaking his head as the biker goes by at mach 2, returning to his latte secure in the knowledge that the biker would get his ticket and summons in the mail.

"Drat!" Says the biker when he gets the later uniformed knock on his door, "foiled again by the RFID chip!"

Needless to say, not only would the bikers remove the entire plate if they want, since the cops can't catch them anyway, they would also buy, borrow or steal other license plates to broadcast the wrong number to the idiot with the latte.

Here's the article: Please comment!

U.S. Department of Transportation Solicits Proposals From Small RFID Companies

In actuality, it doesn't need to be a motorcycle. What do they do when they are outrun by a bicycle?

In a generous handout to what will surely be picked up by both civil libertarians and ultra-right wing conspiracy nuts, the Federal Government has jumped into the fray by having the Departement of Transportation request bids by RFID contractors to submit solution bids.