Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Used Copiers - Your Data For Sale

Your Doctors office, employer, bank, car dealer, mortgage company and others are selling hard drives containing perfect copies of your most private information.

In fact, nearly everything ever copied, scanned or faxed in the past decade is likely for sale in various warehouses full of second hand copiers.

Privacyauthority.org's previous posting regarding the risks of copy machines was met with disbelief. The following additional piece from CBS News may bring the proper level of attention to the matter.

Watch the CBS News Story

Friday, May 7, 2010

Craigs List Ad Leads to Home Invasion

A few simple guidelines:
1. Never sell anything from your home.
2. Never reveal your home address to anyone whom you do not want to come to your house, including anyone from a cashier to a police officer.
3. Remove your home address from your ID. Nobody needs to know where your kids sleep in order to do business with you, or issue you a drivers license.
Another case of home invasion due to a published address in a classified ad, ending in tragedy. Don't be next.

Craigslist diamond ad leads to deadly home invasion, police say - CNN.com