Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Birth Date is Prime Material for ID Theft

So you think that letting the world know your birth date is not an issue? Try telling that to ID thieves around the world who depend on using your birthday as the trifecta of information to assume your identity. The trifecta includes your social security number, name and date of birth. That is all that is needed to make your life a living hell of identity destruction.

To find out just how public your date of birth is use the following website . Type in your name or someone you know. Many US born citizens are now listed publicly. The WHOIS database lists the registrant and administrator of the website as:
Greencove Services Ltd.
PO Box 146Road
Tortola NA VG
Phone: +507.5072021221

An offshore firm is maintaining a list of potentially millions of birth records. The next question is how did they ascertain this information? Is it legal? Many states and counties now have strict requirements against anyone except the person named on the birth certificate to obtain the information.

I would strongly suggest that everyone reading this tell their friends and family and start making online complaints about this to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You may make an online complaint to the following link: .

With millions of people subjected to their information leaking through data breaches each year just in the US alone, don't be a victim to another method of ID thieves gaining access to your personal information. Write your Members of Congress and State Legislature to pass tough privacy laws. There is a reason the European Union and various countries do not suffer the mass amount of data breaches; they have tough laws.

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  1. Jonathan WarrenMay 1, 2010 at 1:01 AM

    Fantastic information, thank you Dr. Vanderpal. If more will complain to the FTC about these practices, they will certainly be dealt with. Only the FTC seems to have the necessary teeth to take on the careless or malicious jumbo data collectors. COMPLAIN!