Friday, April 16, 2010

How much do you trust that bouncer?

Australian nightclubs feel they are leading the way in scanning and retaining ID's, and even biometric data, of patrons.

No, it isn't a joke.

The more sophisticated will of course throw their heads back and laugh before walking down the street to a club with a clue. Giving a nightclub operator carte blanche to steal the patron's ID, or to lose it to a thieving employee with virtually no consequence, is not smart.

Privacy concerns as clubs roll out ID scanning - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

"Nightclub operators, and private business in general, are not qualified to hold your ID. Show it to them, but never hand it to them. Refuse, deny, walk out. If you operate such an establishment, understand the liability of allowing your employees to demand this info. One cell phone photo of an ID, and it's over for you." - Jonathan Warren

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