Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DMV to Scan Your Hand for Employment: Senators Schumer (D) & Graham (R)

In what some are calling a case of monumental buffoonery, the Senate is about to consider a bill which would not only create a giant new bureaucracy and a new ID card which every employed person will have to buy, it also will have you going to the DMV to have your hand scanned. No kidding.

The new ID card is supposed to have something biometric "like fingerprints" to connect the holder to the card. The card is supposed to also verify that the holder is working legally. To make matters worse, employers are expected to buy $800 hand scanners from some lucky government contractor (probably in a state where a senator supports this nonsense) so that they can become the defacto immigration patrol.

Waiting in the wings are the thousands of scammers who will simply obtain the driver's licenses under fake pretenses to begin with, thereby using the ridiculous new ID card to buoy up the scam. The DMV simply is not qualified to verify immigration status.

If the motive for this legislation were anything other than pork barrel contractor gains, it would not exist. The passport already does more than the capabilities of the new ID card. In no country but the U.S. can you work, drive, open a bank account or climb on a domestic or international flight with any ID other than a passport.

The passport is verified by the State department of the issuing country, standardized as to content and structure by international treaty, internationally recognized, issued by all countries all over the world through consulates, and already held by millions. It is the toughest ID to fake, and the easiest faked ID to catch.

Contact Senator Schumer ( and Senator Graham ( and let them know that your passport is the only ID you will get for work, and all you will require of your workers.

Sign the petition to make the Passport the only US National ID, on Facebook at

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Worker ID Card at Center of Immigration Plan -

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