Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Costing US Jobs: FBI’s Data-Mining System Sifts Airline, Hotel, Car-Rental Records, May Be Chasing Away Business

Competetive Privacy Policy is the new vernacular referring to companies and jurisdictions which demonstrate an understanding that personal security requires personal privacy, and that the sacrifice of privacy sometimes necessary to do business with a company, or to do business within a jurisdiction, has a monetary and social value to consider, to safeguard, and at times to trade.

Companies and organizations large and small are fleeing countries with privacy policy which does not recognize the value of personal and private business data gathered, or the responsibility of the holder of the data to protect it.

Case in point: US Loses SWIFT Wire Transfer System to Europe. Again.

Case in point: FBI invades tourism industry. Again.

FBI’s Data-Mining System Sifts Airline, Hotel, Car-Rental Records Threat Level

Case in point: Google Street View challenged in U.K.;title

Companies have choices as to where they operate from, where they base themselves, and where they pay taxes. Jurisdictions have to compete to get the 'customer'. Arrogance is not paying off. US lawmakers may need to get out more often to see what the competition is offering.

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