Thursday, August 6, 2009 Site Accused of Government Takeover of PC's

Where is the "Privacy Czar"?

The US Federal Government's site, which facilitates the Cash for Clunkers program, lets the government take over the using dealer's PC and everything in it. The dealer actually has to deem his PC government property, and assign its content. Does the consumer know his info has been turned over to the Treasury?

Few would take seriously anything reported by Glen Beck or Fox News, but they broke the story. Beck tries to make it seem like this applies to consumer use of the site, which it does not, but if you are a dealer, you are in danger for two reasons.

First, the feds have control of your computer and all of its content. Files, passwords, downloads, emails, web site surfed - theirs.

Second, the consumer surely isn't noticed that they are turning over all info given to the dealer - credit, references, income, deposits, etc. - to the feds. This will surely lead to privacy violation lawsuits from the consumers against the car dealers.

Here's Beck's story:

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