Monday, July 6, 2009

The Management of Privacy

It is amazing how much information is available regarding personally identifiable information. The consumer slander sites are providing easy dissemination of libelous material under the guise of free speech. Free speech does not protect speech that hurts others and damages people.

Whats just as scary are the data brokers like Intellius, US Search, People Finder among many others that culminate information into a neat file that anyone can pay nominal fee to ascertain past addresses, phone numbers, income, real assets, tax liens, civil suits, criminal charges or convictions, schools attended, etc. Is anything safe?
Well there is a service from that provides privacy protection. Part of their service includes getting much of your personal data removed from these data brokers on the Internet.

Your County Assessor may have information publicly available you may want to hide such as your signature. Go to your local County Assessor website and look up your homes information and see there is any sensitive information displayed about you. You may be able to redact or remove this information with a written request.

Hire someone knowledgeable that knows where to find and snuff out your private information from public distribution.

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